Thursday, April 8, 2021

Time with a friend by Lavera Wade

We have during this pandemic had the opportunity during quiet times alone to reflect on how precious our time with friends and loved ones can be.   

Spiritual practices are time spent with our Loving friend.  This time can be spent reflecting on a scripture, a Psalm, a tree, a prayer, or silence.  A few minutes or an hour, sitting or kneeling while weeding.  God will be delighted to spend time with you.

I offer an adaptation of the Spiritual practice Welcoming Prayer

Welcome Peace

Heavenly Parent, we praise you, the beauty and wonder of your creation assures us of your power, as you comfort us with your tender love. 

I hide my face in wonder that you seek my love, for only your love fills my heart.  Help me my Lord, to trust that I am your beloved, that the love and esteem of other’s can never bring the joy I seek and find in your loving care.  

Send your Spirit to teach me again that my needs are as simple as mana, water, and faith in your love and strength.  May I always remember that I am safe and secure in your love.

Remind me Oh Lord, that power and control are an illusion of the human condition, and only come from you.  Help me remember that Jesus came with all power, and walked this earth as a teacher and servant.  Please grant me the grace to follow Jesus’ example.

Help me, Oh Lord, to surrender the thought that I might control any situation.  Bless me with the peace and faith that you will provide the courage and strength to trust and follow you.

Oh Lord when I am in the dark valley, and fear what is before me.  Help me to remember all the blessings you have provided.  Comfort me, that I might be assured that you will always be with me, and your Love and grace will be waiting for me where ever you might lead me.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Second Chances by Dodie Gregory

That title could imply many things.  For me it gives me a chance to continue in my chosen profession as a registered nurse.  Unlike many I was blessed to work for 55 years in a job that I dearly loved.  Probably would still be working had my heart not been hijacked by coronary artery disease.  So, after a 5-vessel coronary bypass surgery I find myself on the discard heap.


I got my addiction filled by bugging former workmates about what I was missing and watching medical shows on TV (many I say could use better expert consulting), flipping houses, training and competing for the senior Olympics in swimming, race walking, totally remodeling my condo and garden. Still left was that hole created by 55 years in nursing.


Then low and behold along comes covid 19 (I refuse to give it respect with capital letters).  But I do digress.


Due to millions of vaccinations needing to be given and not so many givers available the Washington State Department of Health enacted emergency legislation to allow unlicensed medical retired personnel to receive authorization to administer covid vaccinations. 


It was like God said "finally I can get Dodie to quit her whining".  After filling out many pages of information that I could barely remember I received authorization to participate as a volunteer.


Then on to the next obstacle.  Current BLS/CPR certification was required because of course there may be some that will have an untoward reaction to the vaccine.  Testing, oh no, thought I was done with that.  Well good news I did make it through that requirement and currently am letting pharmacies know I am available to be recycled.


God has told us to pray and give praise for ALL things.  I believe this pandemic is for a reason, His reason.  I do thank him that He has allowed me to continue to be of use to His people.  His will be done.


I sincerely hope you all consider getting the vaccine.  I really don't think God gave us the vaccine not to be received.  He loves you, trust Him.


In His Name

Dodie Gregory, Happy and Fulfilled

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

A Virtual Ordination

 Recently I was ordained to the office of priest. In the early spring of 2020, we had just begun contemplating a date for the service when the COVID-19 Pandemic caused in-person worship to cease. This put a pause on planning. I am grateful the church prepared a way to make most sacraments available to be administered online. My service in many respects had the same elements as most ordination services: prayers, hymns, words of testimony and affirmation, a charge, and of course the laying on of hands and ordination itself. While we were not physically gathered, the Spirit was still ever present. The virtual laying of hands on my head was just as meaningful and spirit-filled. What was even more a blessing was because the service was held online, people from all over the nation and world could attend. People whom I have made connections with through Latter-day Seekers, Graceland Seminary, Spiritual Formation and Companioning Program, and the various congregations I have attended, and of course family and friends. Many people that likely would not have been able to attend if this service were in person. It was a memorable day that I will cherish always, made all the more special by those who were able to attend.

By Tyler Marz

Crystal Spring Congregation (Bothell, WA)

Inland-West Community Elevated Young Adult Ministry

Monday, January 4, 2021

“The Art of Staying at Home” by Roberta Tilden

Unlike most spiritual practices, the art of staying at home seems to become harder the longer we are obliged to do it, especially for those of us who live alone.  Fortunately, I am blessed by God with a cat to love, talk to and, at times laugh at.  My heart really goes out to those who don’t even have that. 

This got me to thinking about our Heavenly Parent, and how lonely and bored he must have been before he created our world and us, his beloved children.  What we are experiencing is nothing compared to that.  This down time can be an opportunity to pray, meditate, and study spiritual books.  After all there is only so much television we can watch before our brains start shutting down.

Remember, we were all created to love our Heavenly Parent, and to be loved in return.  God is truly our rock of eternal salvation.  Now is the perfect opportunity to turn to God in our hour of need.  Come now to God in praise and thanksgiving for all the wonderful gifts God showers upon us each day.

I would end with stay safe, but honestly no worries, we are all safe in God’s loving arms.