Monday, January 4, 2021

“The Art of Staying at Home” by Roberta Tilden

Unlike most spiritual practices, the art of staying at home seems to become harder the longer we are obliged to do it, especially for those of us who live alone.  Fortunately, I am blessed by God with a cat to love, talk to and, at times laugh at.  My heart really goes out to those who don’t even have that. 

This got me to thinking about our Heavenly Parent, and how lonely and bored he must have been before he created our world and us, his beloved children.  What we are experiencing is nothing compared to that.  This down time can be an opportunity to pray, meditate, and study spiritual books.  After all there is only so much television we can watch before our brains start shutting down.

Remember, we were all created to love our Heavenly Parent, and to be loved in return.  God is truly our rock of eternal salvation.  Now is the perfect opportunity to turn to God in our hour of need.  Come now to God in praise and thanksgiving for all the wonderful gifts God showers upon us each day.

I would end with stay safe, but honestly no worries, we are all safe in God’s loving arms.