Monday, August 9, 2021

Tried by Fire by Roberta Tilden

 A couple of weeks ago I glanced out the window and was happy to see what I thought were cloudy skies.  Then my daughter-in-law called me in a panic.  She told me to step outside.  That’s when I saw the red glow of a wild fire and found out that we were at stage two evacuation.  My kids insisted I pack a bag and go to a motel.  I realized as I stepped out of the front door and looked back at my home that almost everything was replaceable.  It is just stuff.  The only thing I would be sad about was losing family pictures.

Well I ended up having a nice little “staycation” and then went back home safe and sound.

Our church community has been tried by fire this year, with the Covid pandemic.  I wonder as we look back, what we will carry forward, and what we will leave behind.

Please pray for the gift of spiritual discernment as make the decisions that will affect our future.  Our communities may be somewhat different as we journey forward.  But with God as our partner, we will move safe and sound into the future.    

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