Thursday, July 1, 2021

Since I Met You by Pam Robison

I was a GOOD person. I followed all the laws--well, mostly! I'll admit, I did go a little too fast sometimes, but never anything major. I had a job I was good at--not something I loved, but it paid well, and we lived very comfortably. I donated to organizations that helped the less fortunate...did all the things I should--that society expected of me as a good person.

I went to church regularly--Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night...attended camps and retreats. I read my scriptures and prayed faithfully--over meals, at night, whenever someone asked me to.

I knew all about you. You were part of my life--but safely separate from my everyday activities. You were "up there"--where I could take you down when I needed to, but you didn't get in my way.

And then I met you--really met you. You left "up there"...stepped out of the pages of my scriptures--and called me by name.

You came into my life and disrupted it! You led me down paths I used to ignore...into situations I didn't want to deal with. You showed me people in need--real people who needed me, not just my money. You asked me to speak speak be your hands and feet...your voice.

Life WAS so much easier before I met you--but I can't go back. I don't want to go back. I don't know where the road is leading...who my fellow travelers will be...what I will experience. I don't know how difficult my life will be, moving on--but I've learned that none of that matters since I met you.

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