Thursday, April 8, 2021

Time with a friend by Lavera Wade

We have during this pandemic had the opportunity during quiet times alone to reflect on how precious our time with friends and loved ones can be.   

Spiritual practices are time spent with our Loving friend.  This time can be spent reflecting on a scripture, a Psalm, a tree, a prayer, or silence.  A few minutes or an hour, sitting or kneeling while weeding.  God will be delighted to spend time with you.

I offer an adaptation of the Spiritual practice Welcoming Prayer

Welcome Peace

Heavenly Parent, we praise you, the beauty and wonder of your creation assures us of your power, as you comfort us with your tender love. 

I hide my face in wonder that you seek my love, for only your love fills my heart.  Help me my Lord, to trust that I am your beloved, that the love and esteem of other’s can never bring the joy I seek and find in your loving care.  

Send your Spirit to teach me again that my needs are as simple as mana, water, and faith in your love and strength.  May I always remember that I am safe and secure in your love.

Remind me Oh Lord, that power and control are an illusion of the human condition, and only come from you.  Help me remember that Jesus came with all power, and walked this earth as a teacher and servant.  Please grant me the grace to follow Jesus’ example.

Help me, Oh Lord, to surrender the thought that I might control any situation.  Bless me with the peace and faith that you will provide the courage and strength to trust and follow you.

Oh Lord when I am in the dark valley, and fear what is before me.  Help me to remember all the blessings you have provided.  Comfort me, that I might be assured that you will always be with me, and your Love and grace will be waiting for me where ever you might lead me.